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Striving to stay the best in Filipino sports for Pa, South Jersey & Delaware"

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We are not just a basketball league, we are an athletic organization. Since 1995, we've had softball games, tennis camps for children, basketball clinics, golf outings and volleyball. We also have informal gatherings with members and non-members for special events such as skiing/snowboarding, surfing and bowling.

Anyone interested in golf can contact Noel ( Bob Coll, former Committee is also involved. Bob has special outings and has access to McGuire Air Force Base and Fort Dix golf courses. Courses played are Five Ponds, Bensalem Country Club, Middletown Country Club, Pine Hill Country Club, Ramblewood Country Club, McGuire Air Force Base, Fort Dix Army Base, and Dupont Country Club.

We revive the old rivalries that go back to the former softball leagues of the 1970s/1980s between South Philly, Marshall and 12th Street teams. Games are held in South Philadelphia and Washington Township NJ.

Tennis Camp:
This was offered in the past and we can revive this based on interest.

Basketball Clinic for Children:
Players & Committee members invest time with our 12 year old and under Filipino children. We show fundamentals to encourage interest. Prior to the championship game, the children are featured in an exhibition game.

We look forward to the informal gatherings at the local slopes between current and past FACAA members.


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