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Hoops in RP

Basketball is a way of life and a favorite pastime for most young Filipinos. I was always told that basketball was the number one sport in the Philippines. I didn't realize how true this statement was until I visited the Philippines.


In most neighborhoods, you will see basketball courts. In the congested city of Manila, where space is a premium, temporary basketball courts are placed in blockaded streets. In the provinces, basketball courts stand out in the middle of the rural setting. In the poorest sections of the city, makeshift basketball courts are given a high priority.


Most of the basketball courts are outdoors. Due to the brutal heat and the lack of air conditioning, games are not played until the evening hours. The games are festive events. Most of the Filipinos I've met do not have cable TV or any other form of entertainment. Basketball is the main event every evening.


Basketball uniforms are proudly displayed by many of the youth. In every barangay, you will see young Filipino's wearing basketball tops with jeans or basketball shorts with T-shirts. No matter what their level of income, you will see high quality uniforms.


Basketball is not only a sporting event, it is also a social event that unites Filipinos. That's the reason for FACAA's existence.