Phillies 1

“I salute FACAA for its commitment in providing positive outlets for Filipino youth and others in our city through sponsorship of this basketball league. Competing in organized sports teaches our young people the importance of teamwork and cooperation while at the same time promoting health and fitness in an enjoyable fashion.”                 

  – Philadelphia Mayor Ed Rendell

“Since its founding, the Filipino American Community Athletic Association has sought to accomplish their goals by promoting better cultural, economic, educational, civic & social understanding among the community via the international language of sports…FACAA has taken positive steps towards better understanding.” 

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge

“Through your hosting of this momentous sports exercise, you foster not only sportsmanship but a sense of camaraderie in the U.S. This bayanihan spirit among Filipinos has helped us face the most trying times of our lives.”

- Philippine President Joseph Ejercito Estrada

“Contests like yours provide an exciting opportunity to strengthen our faith in ourselves and our understanding of the value of teamwork.”

    - President Bill Clinton