Phillies 1

1. Hosted the 12th Annual North American Basketball Association Intercity tournament. Over five thousand in attendance, including players, organizers and audience Labor Day weekend in 1999.

2. Over 1000 Filipino players have participated in the sports program since 1995.

3. Seventeen consecutive basketball seasons.

4. Established on the Internet since 1995.

5. We provide a weekly newsletter with articles on basketball games, statistics and general announcement of events to benefit the community.

6. Overall FACAA career statistics are documented and available for the players.

7. Member of the Filipino Executive Council of Greater Philadelphia since 1995.

8. Picnics provided to promote family activities.

9. Informal golf outings provided on a regular basis throughout the year.

10. Certified NCAA experienced referees.

11. Featured in the popular Filipino Reporter newspaper which has a nationwide audience.

12. Partnerships with the Philadelphia School District & Department of Recreation to provide facilities for basketball.

13. Featured in Philadelphia Inquirer & the Daily News.

14. Winter sports includes snowboarding and skiing.

15. Worked directly with the Philadelphia Sixers for the annual Filipino Day. We are in the 7th year consecutive partnership with the Sixers. Worked with the Sixers to meet Miami Heat Coach Erik Spoelstra, the first Asian coach in the NBA and the youngest.

16. Participated in the Broad Street Run, Philadelphia Distance Run and the Philadelphia Marathon.

17. Sponsored a Dragon Boat team and won the Non-Profit category in the 2008, 2009 & 2010 Philadelphia International Dragon Boat Festival

18. Worked with the Philadelphia Phillies and established Filipino Heritage Day in 2008, 2009 and 2010